Bascule Bridge - Liverpool

LED Supplier:Philips Color Kinetics
Control: iPlayer 3
Application Support: LITE LTD
Client: MJ Quinn
Products: RGB ColorBlast, RGB ColorGraze, RGB ColorBurst, RGB ColorBurst Compact

Project Overview

Liverpool based service company MJ Quinn approached LITE with the idea to enhance the historic Grade II-listed bridge in Liverpool’s docklands which is part of the city council’s £52m road improvement project.
Built in 1932, the Bascule Bridge in Regent Road, is only one of a handful of its type in the UK.
Bascule is a moveable bridge with a counterweight that continuously balances a span throughout its upward swing, to provide clearance for boat traffic and comes from the French term for ‘balance scale’.
The idea was to capture its engineering and architectural features with a multitude of different Philips ColorKinetics products, enhancing the already stunning and iconic dockland structure.
LITE Ltd were successfully able to achieve this using the extensive range of ColorKinetics fixtures and patented ‘Powercore’ technology.

Products Used

ColorGraze Powercore

ColorBlast Powercore

ColorBurst Compact

ColorBurst Powercore

Controls Used

iPlayer 3

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