LED Supplier:Philips Color Kinetics
Control: Pharos Controls LPC1
Application Support: LITE Ltd
Client: City of Glasgow College
Products: ColorBlast / EW Burst / Maxos

Project Overview

The GLQ (City Campus) is located on the North side of the city centre (Glasgow), positioned on an elevated site giving it a prominent presence overlooking the city. The building material used to construct the "outer" facade is almost white and therefore the dynamic LED lighting installed on the upper deck of the elevations works perfectly to outline the grid layout at high level. The inner atrium space is illuminated using a combination of Philips Maxos LED fittings to provide the general lighting backed up by some "pools" of light from narrow beam EW Burst all located and housed within the huge timber trusses within the roof. These timber trusses are then illuminated themselves via ColorBlasts located within, providing a changing mood throughout the darker nights.

Products Used

iW Burst Powercore

ColorBlast Powercore

Controls Used


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