Graze and Graze Compact Illuminate the defining details

Capture the personality of a structure by highlighting its defining details. Achieve your vision—from highlighting surface textures and molding details to archways and windows—with our portfolio of Graze luminaires. They deliver remarkably short setbacks, breakthrough optics, and extremely consistent output all with the rugged reliability you've come to expect from Graze.

Graze Powercore
Offering the widest range of light output, light color options, and beam angles. It's the perfect choice for your project.

Graze Compact Powercore
The smallest exterior linear grazing luminaire on the market. Its streamlined design lets it blend seamlessly into the background. So you see the light, not the lighting.

Robust Accessory options

Choose from a full line of field-installed accessories from full and half glare shields, spread lenses, louvers, rock guards, slipfitter mount, and leader cables for all ReachElite luminaires. Color Kinetics high-quality accessories make project customization simple. And these optional secondary accessories—combined with precise (and simple) aiming—let you get the look and performance necessary for any project.


Graze Family
Color Graze/Graze Compact Colour/Temperature

Graze Overall product guide

Color Graze Powercore, Intellihue
Colour Graze Intellihue

Color Graze Powercore, RGBW
Colour Graze RGBW

Graze Compact, Intellihue
Graze Compact Intellihue

Graze Compact, RGBW
Graze Compact RGBW

Graze Compact, RGBA
Graze Compact RGBA

Graze Compact Accessories

Graze Projects

Mound, Edinburgh

Leeds MSCP

Cartier, London

Coventry Underpass