Rochdale Cenotaph

LED Supplier:Philips Color Kinetics
Control: Philips Color Kinetics iPlayer3
Application Support: LITE Ltd
Client: Rochdale Council
Products: ColorBlast Intellihue Powercore Gen4

Project Overview

LITE Ltd was approached by Rochdale Town Hall Restoration and Revival Project and was presented with the task of re-lighting the war memorial feature with modern day LED lighting, whilst also replicating the original features of the 1920’s. We worked very closely with Rochdale Heritage Office to design a solution that would complement the memorial but have the correct day time aesthetic. Particular attention was paid to the cast iron lantern heads where the luminaire would be situated giving that historic feel. With this in mind, it was also requested for there to be a dynamic option for certain days of the year but for the majority of the time a high CRI uniformed White light. This is where Philips IntelliHue has a huge advantage due to its patented technology’s.
Philips Colour Kinetics IntelliHue brings high output, CRI and quality to both colour and White LED light – in an advanced, affordable, all-in-one luminaire. The ground breaking colour-control technology lets you target and adjust millions of colours and shades of White light with pinpoint precision. This combined with LITE’s DMX programming, which has the ability to provide all year round lighting control and full technical support, gave the client the perfect package for this beautiful, bespoke project.

Products Used

ColorBlast Intellihue Powercore

Controls Used


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