Wellcome Trust - London

LED Supplier: Philips Color Kinetics
Control: Pharos LPC 1 & LumenRadio Wireless
Application Support: LITE Ltd
Client: Wellcome Trust
Electrical Contractor: LITE Ltd
Products: ColorGraze

Project Overview

We were asked to provide a replacement lighting solution to the main façade and moat area of the old section of the Wellcome Trust building on Euston Road.
They required a solution that highlighted the architectural features of the building and allowed them to have a fully controllable colour change solution for events and specific dates but would also give them a crisp white light for general use.
Within the Moat Area our limitations were we had to use the existing floodlight locations so to light this area effectively we used the 1219mm length iColor Graze MX4 RGBW Powercore fixture with a 60x30deg flood beam so that the Moat Area was ‘flooded’ with light.
For the Main Façade we used the same fixture but with a 10x60deg beam and positioned each fixture between the vertical columns and mounted as close to the front of them as possible to provide a wash of light up the main façade with the emphasis on highlighting the actual columns and window are between. This gave a slight shadow line up the front of the columns but this only added to the dramatic effect produced overall.
Each fixture is individually addressed in 1ft sections to allow for truly dynamic lighting effects to be programmed if required.
Because of wiring constraints we used a LumenRadio Transmitter and Receiver system to send the controls signal from the Moat Area to the fixtures mounted around the upper façade.

Products Used


Controls Used


Wireless DMX Transmitter

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