Smeaton's Tower - Plymouth

LED Supplier:Philips Lighting
Control:LITE Ltd
M&E consultant:Hydrock
Electrical Contractor:Hyde Park
Client:Plymouth City Council

Project Overview

Smeatons Tower forms part of group of the wonderful historic buildings that are found in Plymouth. Occupying a commanding position high upon the Hoe overlooking the sea it is an iconic feature of the city. Based upon the original Eddystone lighthouse it is now a loved part of the skyline but until May 2015 was not permanently lit at night. Temporary lighting had to be brought in for special events such as MTV awards with associated costs and disruption. LITE Ltd were successful in winning the tender to coordinate LED lighting into a permanent installation that would form the first part of an ambiguous program to illuminate key buildings around the city. Following a night trial the Philips decoscene was deemed the best solution and LITE Ltd in conjunction with local partners Hydrock and Hyde Part Electrical delivered the project to public acclaim.

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