The National Wallace Monument - Stirling, Scotland.

LED Supplier:Philips Color Kinetics
Control: Pharos LPC with 3G Control. IntelliPower Data over power.
Client: Stirling Council
Products: RGBW ColorReach and RGBW ColorBlast Gen2

Project Overview

The National Wallace Monument (generally known as ‘The Wallace Monument’) is located on a volcanic crag which overlooks Stirling Castle and also Stirling Bridge (The site of one of the most famous battles in 1297). The monument was built between 1861 and 1869, and is one of more than 20 Wallace Monuments which are located throughout Scotland. The tower is a Category A-Listed scheduled monument and one of Scotland’s most celebrated landmarks. The stunning 67 metre tower is instantly recognisable, and attracts more than 100,000 visitors every year. The existing lighting installation was outdated, expensive to maintain and operate Halogen/Son – with any events requiring the use of coloured gels.

With the 150th anniversary of the construction of the tower approaching in 2019, the client wanted to invest in a new modern technology that would save running costs but at the same time provide a fully flexible and dynamic lighting solution for all events throughout the year.

The final proposal would require a “Data over Power” solution to allow the re-use of the existing cables – a test was carried out to ensure Color Kinetics Intelli-power Technology would work, and all results were returned satisfactory.

The fixtures at the base were replaced with 12no ColourReach RGBW (3no at each cluster). The columns at the rear were replaced with bespoke cages designed to accommodate 3no ColourReach RGBW, provide a level of security from potential damage both from vandalism and squirrels who live in the local habitat. The ground mounted cages allowed for easier maintenance. The “Crown” fixtures were replaced with ColorBlast RGBA – this LED mix would ensure the “warm glow” as required by the client. An eW Blast was used to illuminate the Bronze sculpture of William Wallace located at the corner of the tower.

Download the Case study below for more information.

Products Used

ColorReach Powercore

ColorBlast Gen2

Controls Used

Pharos LPC

Download Case study


Wallace Monument
Stirling (1.6MB)

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