Millennium Bridge Salford - Quays

LED Supplier:Philips Color Kinetics
Installation & Programming:LITE Ltd
Application Support:LITE Ltd
Client:Salford City Council
Products:ColorBlast and ColorReach

Project Overview

In 2011, Salford City Council selected LITE Ltd to devise a unique wireless lighting solution that would make it possible to illuminate the moving bridge.
LITE Ltd designed a comprehensive LED lighting solution that would fit the requirements and introduce color-changing options to the riverside.
LITE Ltd. commissioned the construction of custom-made stands, which were mounted onto each of the four corners at the base of the bridge.
Two ColorReach Powercore fixtures and one ColorBlast Powercore fixture were then affixed to each stand and positioned to uplight the bridge.
As the fixtures on either side of the bridge could not be connected electronically over the water, a wireless control system was necessary to synchronize the lighting across the bridge.

Products Used



Controls Used

Wireless DMX Transmitter

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