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Meteor Whiz 2.0

Meteor Whiz 2.0

Whiz 2.0 is an Architectural High Ceiling Solution that redefines high ceiling space design. This premium fixture is suitable for mounting heights of 30ft and above and deliver high performance as well as clean aesthetics.
Adding value to your project with a sleek design, the Whiz 2.0 can be configured for both direct and indirect lighting, redefining high ceiling space design.


Redefined with Unparalleled Performance
A revamp of the original Whiz, this premium fixture is a distinctive architectural solution for commercial interiors with high open ceilings and features an IP 65 weatherproof design for exterior entrances.

Powerful and Versatile
Suited for 30ft mounting height applications and above, the Whiz 2.0 not only offers high performance but also versatility in its uplight mounting and the variety of beam spreads offered.

Advanced Thermal Management
With better LM6 Aluminum materials and built in airflow gaps with exterior integral fin design, we can achieve up to 25% more heat dissipation than before with greater reliability and life time.

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