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Meteor Tetriss 2.0

Tetriss 2.0

The specially designed bracket allows each 3-module system to rotate 60 degrees and the entire fixture can tilt 180 degrees offering flexibility for on-site adjustments.
This innovative fixture is especially suited for applications in multi-functional spaces, churches, outdoor applications and sports arenas.


All White or Dual White and RGB | Modular Design
A versatile fixture, it is available in 3, 6, or 9 module configurations with each 3 module system having 2 White modules on either side of an RGB module.

Pure White Light and Unlimited Possibilities
This fixture combines standalone White and RGB modules to provide Pure white light and the unlimited possibilities RGB. This also allows for better efficacy and performance with each 70 W white module delivering 6,700 lm and 50 W RGB module at 1,930 lm.

Award Winning Luminaire
This fixture has been recognized by both the IES Progress Report award and Product Innovation award in 2018 for its quality white light and rich, saturated color lighting.

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