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Meteor Dot 3.5

Meteor Dot 3.5

Our new range of 1.5 to 3.5-inch aesthetic cylinders that are distinguished and high performing. This architectural luminaire comes with a lumen package range from 800 lm up to 2,500 lm. Make a point today with the Dot series.
The Dot 3.5 is available in our proprietary Power Line Mount and Damp Location rated Wall mount helping you go cord-free.


Small but Powerful
The Dot 3.5 has a distinguished exterior finish with up to 2,000 lumen packages. Ideally suited for residential, corporate and hospitality spaces.

Harmonious Beam Control
The Dot 3.5 has field replaceable beam angle optics as well as a variety of glare control options.

Capture the Light
The Dot 3.5 is UGR19 rated giving out glare-free, diffused light.

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