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Bolt Series

Bolt Series

Meteor has expanded, and upgraded its award-winning Bolt series; a line of high-performing, High/Low bay and Floodlight luminaires with the latest generation of LED technology for unparalleled performance. Hidden under the hood of this sleek and rugged form, is a new light engine that gives higher performance, versatility, and dynamic possibilities.

Now available in 4 form factors, this luminaire family has a lumen package range of 6,930 lm to 68,000 lm, are both DLC Premium and DLC listed, and comes in outdoor and natatorium rated options. To bring a whole new level of complexity and sophistication, the Bolt series are also embedded with Meteor’s ColorflipTM Color Changing technology offering W+RGB and Tunable White configurations. With its extensive range of lumen packages, mounting options, and optics, the Bolt series creates a wealth of possibilities for commercial and architectural applications.

Bolt Series Highlights

1. Delivered lumen package range of 6,930 lm to 68,000 lm
2. Wide range of beam angle options from 15° to 100°
3. Available in Ground, Surface, Wall, and Pole mount options
4. W+RGB Color Changing Compatible (22,100 lm RGBW combined)
5. Tunable White Color Changing Compatible (25,800 lm to 31,410 lm)

About Meteor Lighting
Meteor was founded in Industry, California in 2008 and our vision is to Inspire the Space Around Us. We do that through our product design philosophy which is “Pure Brilliance”. A motto that means we combine performance, aesthetics and technology into all our products.

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