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Controls Configuration

Lite Ltd offer a one stop shop solution with architectural projects, the final stage being controls configuration.
Lite have many years’ experience when it comes to controls whether it be a small or large projects, modern builds or historic monuments.
With expertise in Wireless technology, Ethernet networking and DMX configurations all bases can be specified, configured, programmed and tested making the process smooth throughout the project.
Control Configuration involves many different stages before completion:
•Layout drawings that need issuing to the contractor for ease of install without hindrance.
•Wireless tests to prove the stability of our system
•Communication with IT departments to discuss networking parameters for our systems
•Provide guidance and advice to the client on how to get the very best out of their system
•On site programming with capabilities of live playing every possible idea
•Providing remote access to far out projects with the use of LITE’s 3G Wireless Solution

Lite have the expertise and knowledge to cover it all. For the clients who want to take the lighting into their own hands and take on the task of creating their own shows, whether it be static shows to support significant and historic events or dynamic scenes to try and inspire the local town LITE offer the training to make this happen.