LED Projector SYMP (Indoor Use)


Projector: SYMP
Application: Decorative or functional lighting
IP Rating: Indoor use only
Power supply: 20W
Light source: 718 lumen
Weight: 2KG


Lens 56 mm
Lens 90 mm
Lens 140 mm
Beam Shaper
Motion sen
Pole mounting bracket
Extension cable L 1.5m

Product Overview

Symp is an ultra-compact 20W LED gobo projector designed to enhance most interiors and capable of creating intense emotions through images. Thanks to its extreme versatility, high aesthetic impact and small size, Symp is the perfect solution for decorative or functional lighting of museums, sports arenas, shopping centres, hospitals but also architectural details in hospitality and retail. Available in a wall-mounted or binary, DALI ready, version and two different optical setups, SYMP makes indoor gobo projection an exciting new lighting solution.


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