LED Projector Divum 50K

Divum 50K

Projector: Divum 50K
Application: Outdoor, Long range, High Output
IP Rating: IP54 Housing outdoor use
Power supply: 600W
Zoom: 8° – 52°
Light source: 37.100 lumen
Protocol: DMX 512
Weight: 25KG


Gobo Holder
Image change kit
Gobo Changer
Dynamic Effect
Beam Shaper
Pole mounting bracket Pro
Extendable Stand
Standard Wheel

Product Overview

The Divum 50K is an extraordinary performance Commercial LED projector thanks to the brand new 37.100 Lumen COB LED, ideal for bright and brilliant Christmas projections. The Effect version includes quality camera lens and animation disc accessory to ensure high resolution of snowfall and shooting stars effect.


Divum 50K

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