Summer Displays

Summer Displays

LITE's Summer collection, focusing on providing a diverse and extensive range of decorative options suitable for multiple seasons. The emphasis on aesthetic appeal during the day and enhanced visibility at night suggests a commitment to both form and function, catering to different lighting preferences and needs. If you have specific details you'd like to highlight or if there's anything specific you'd like assistance with regarding your Summer collection, feel free to contact LITE.

LITE's colourful summer collection, adding vibrancy and visual appeal to your streets. Our summer collection is designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of outdoor spaces during the summer season.

They will bring smiles and fun to your town centre! (We have selected a basic palette of 5 colours: yellow, orange, green, blue and pink. But we can also produce other colours from the RAL colour chart according to your wishes).

Our partner specialises in the manufacture of mineral fibre structures in a variety of shapes combining design and aesthetics to meet a wide range of requirements in a variety of environments.

No deterioration even in a marine environment, we guarantee a minimum 10-year life for our miner structures in outdoor use.

The structures are light and very strong. In the event of an impact, they do not break, they do not deform, unlike aluminium, and they are able to bear more than 20 times their own weight.

They will not be blown over due to their openwork construction. They can withstand winds of over 75 mph! (and more generally in any NV 65 Zone 4).




Summer Product Range
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