For the City of Wakefield, we brought together many elements consisting of 3D floor standing displays, bespoke 3D hanging displays, ceilings of light, and bespoke column displays….
We wanted to capture an elegant feel throughout the City, as well as a daytime appeal which was different to the normal coloured carpet designs. To bring all of this together we went with a very elegant gold and silver theme, with added powder painted gold and red aluminium, with etched plexi-glass images for the cross street and column displays, setting the City apart from any scheme we have previously completed. The golden twinkling ceilings of light were enhanced with 3D hanging stars and spheres, with just a splash of deep red throughout.

To finish the whole scheme, we designed bespoke 3D displays to depict certain areas around the City. A large golden and red twinkling crown was designed for the court house, with a very unique and thought provoking skull for the history centre, which certainly caused a stir on social media… The pinnacle of the 3D displays is a huge 15M shooting star, sitting proudly on the roundabout and major entrance route into the City


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