St Catherines - Carmarthen

Carmarthen looks back with pride on its history, but it also looks forward, because it is very much a vibrant county town and at the heart of this vibrant county town lies the modern and acclaimed “St Catherine’s Shopping Centre”. In keeping with this modern theme, our design proposal incorporated a combination of “state of the art” colour change programmable technology and contemporary multi coloured and Silver / Gold themes.
As part of the scheme we proposed to utilise the existing 6M diameter “Bauble” structure, strip off all existing lighting and replace the strings with state of the art fully programmable dynamic colour change mini Led’s.
This allowed the customer to have the facility to have any combination of coloured lighting effect complete with variable motion which proved to be immensely popular as the main focal point with the “WOW” factor particularly with children taking “selfies”.
In addition to the bauble we converted the 3 main cross street displays to the dynamic programmable system which can synchronise with the bauble.
This gave the Centre the facility of “future proofing” and matching fashionable colour changes in the Christmas Lighting industry going forward to any colour combination / variation required in the future years.


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