Ashfield District Council


The star of the show in Kirkby was undoubtedly the 5m high polar bear named by some locals as “Charlie”. Stars and snowflakes formed the remainder of the scheme, some as column displays, others being hung in deciduous trees. Even the artificial Cone tree was decorated with snowflakes and stars. A gold and silver colour scheme was selected which provide an elegant and attractive look to the display.


A bauble theme was created for Sutton which started with a giant three dimensional walkthrough bauble. There were bespoke crossings again featuring baubles installed in the main shopping area, as well as a giant 7m high artificial Christmas tree as a focal point for the main “switch on event. Most passers by would not have been aware that the tree was artificial, as it was produced to a very realistic specification and means that no more trees will need to be chopped down for the foreseeable future for Sutton’s Christmas celebrations.


The highlight in Hucknall was the giant 5m high three dimensional snowman who stood proudly in front of the church and at a point where he could be observed from many directions. A blue theme was selected to go with the Snowman. This consisted of lots of hanging snowflakes in deciduous trees as well as lots of street crossings featuring the same. Even the giant artificial Christmas tree was decorated with a mix of 4,000 blue and cool white lights which were greatly appreciated by all.


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