Twinkly For Professionals

Professional Decorations out-of-the-box

Twinkly comprises of smart multi and classic addressable colours LEDs connected via mobile and cloud App.
This creates a professional light decoration solution with utmost simplicity.

Cone Trees

Every Christmas lighting scheme needs to have a centre piece and these artificial cone trees really pack some punch.Once factory fitted with evenly spaced with Twinkly Pro lights around the entire tree, these trees are transformed into low resolution TV screens.

Every 24v LED pixel can be individually addressed to enable bespoke messages, images, or even a countdown of numbers for the big “switch on” night.Just let us know what video content you require and we can pre-programme your entire Christmas video content, prior to installation.

The limit is only our/your imagination as to what video content can be played on these cone trees, which start as small as 4m and can go up to, a massive 10m in height.


A cost effective way of using the Twinkly Pro lights, is to dress your deciduous trees with our 25m long strings.Each string has 250 no. 24v lights, 6 strings can be connected together via a 6 port controller, to provide 1,500 fully controllable pixels.

Alternatively, a more cost effective option are the G45 ultra-bright globes on black festoon cable, which are supplied in sets of 20 no. RGB globes on 10m cables, which, when connect to a 6 port controller, provide 120 no. fully controllable lights.

Some towns and cities prefer a more subtle lighting of trees, however, a light show can be programmed on the hour every hour, (like the Eiffel Tower sparkle) providing a surprising dramatic contrast and increasing dwell time in the town centre.


Twinkly Pro LED Curtains are available in 2 sizes, 500mm wide x 4m drop or 1m wide x 2m drop, each fitted with 250 RGB pixels.They are easily connected (side by side or top to bottom) providing unlimited creative possibilities in terms of size and shape.

Generally these would be 3D mapped in our factory, but can be done after installation if required.Fitted to a building or structure and left in place all year round, these curtains provide endless possibilities all year round for low resolution video content.

Once installed you have full control over the whole display using the Cloud and/or Twinkly App, or, for a trouble free experience, simply rely on LITE to provide and apply all video content you require.

Column Displays

To provide an even coverage along High Streets, column displays are often the favoured choice. They can also be projection mounted on buildings using our 2 part steel brackets.

Now dressed with Twinkly Pro lights they can all be co-ordinated to provide a spectacular uniformed lights show, or a more cost effective option is to have each display performing individually.

As with the cross street displays they can be an addition to an existing display, or be a simple frame dressed entirely with these lights.

We can even strip your old frames (depending on the size and shape) and dress them with these next generation LED lights.

Cross Streets

For a highly visible installation, cross street displays are a great way of decorating a busy highway.

Now these can be even more impactful, by incorporating the Twinkly Pro lights within the design.

They can even consist of a simple rectangular framework dressed entirely with these lights to create a low resolution outdoor TV screen, at whatever size and shape fits your existing infrastructure.

Ideally pre-programmed in the factory to your exact requirements, they can also be controllable from your phone via the Twinkly App.


There is nothing better than walking underneath a well installed ceiling of light at Christmas time. (in our opinion anyway!)

That warm glow of lights above you, really does give you the magical feeling, that this is simply the best time of year.

Now, using the Twinkly Pro lights, you can have that warm fuzzy feeling, but then, at the appointed hour, you can have the lights programmed to put on a spectacular lights show as well!

This will undoubtedly provide the ultimate “Wow” factor and result in visitors from miles around visiting your town.


Make your trees light up and catch the eye of the public with Twinkly Festoon lighting.

Add a magical splash of colour to your favourite moments with stunning scenery installations, unleash your creativity grouping multiple Twinkly devices together.

Each bulb can be controlled individually and with a range of different gradients and animations available impress the town and make any event memorable!


Consisting of a central support pole and base plate, these maypoles (or trees of light) can be dressed with Twinkly Pro lights to provide a spectacular light show.

They could replace the traditional giant Christmas tree (which are becoming increasingly difficult to source) in the centre of your town, or be an additional attraction elsewhere.

Either pre-programmed in our factory or again with app controlled 24v RGB pixels, these features can provide endless effects using video content, displaying Company logos, graphics and countdowns.


These are created using a LITE designed modular system fabricated from aluminium with connectable sections to create any size and length of tunnel required.

They can also be fitted with a bespoke “welcome” message from your town above the entrance, for the ever popular “selfie” shot!

Once factory fitted with the 24v IP65 rated RGB pixels (which are mounted to commercial grade cable,) these lights can be programmed to provide breath-taking effects which will have visitors returning time and time again.

As with all of our Twinkly products, they can be left in position all year round and programmed with video content relevant to the specific time of year.

3D Features

LITE have a large range of 3D features which have previously been manufactured and which have provided joy to residents and visitors of many towns and cities around the UK.

For the added WOW factor these can also include the low voltage Twinkly Pro fully controllable LED lighting.

Ranging in height from 2m up to 7m, features such as; Walk through Baubles, Shooting Stars, Spheres, can all be dressed and programmed to provide fantastic photo opportunities!

For that tailored made feature (and during the early part of the year) we also offer a, free of charge, design and build service for 3D features unique to your town or city.

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